Thursday, 27 September 2012

Dutch Pea Soup @ Red Light District, Amsterdam

When I think of Dutch food, I think of potato, ham, cheese, fish and pancake with Dutch Pea Soup sipping deep behind my mind.  When my sister was in Amsterdam for a night before adjourning over to Paris, I decided to bring them to a little cafe located next to the canal at the end of Red Light District lane.  Dutch food frankly is not easy to find, even in a big city like Amsterdam but this one is totally worth it. With the view and generous portion, I´ll say this is a must for me in the future when someone comes visiting.

Here´s what we ate ...

Fresh fish fillet simply panfried and served with seasonal vegetables and cream/cheese base sauce.

Dutch Pea Soup with huge chunks and chunks of smoked ham and sausages, plus lots of potatoes cooked evidently for a long time.  Very filling on its own and the portion seen here is small. We shared our food and yet, we had a hard time finishing them.

Another variation of fish but deep fried this time (Fried Fish is famous in Netherland and I personally feel it beats English Fish and Chips hands down!) ... served with thick fries which Netherland is so famous for.  A walk along any main streets in Netherland and you will stumble upon independent fries shop serving these.

But the main reason why I am putting this entry up is, my niece was in my arm falling asleep due to jet lag for almost 2 hours after dinner when mummy and daddy decided to venture down the road to check out Red Light District.  Two whole hours holding her.  Torture by defination but I really do miss her a lot :-)

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