Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Brasserie Balzar´s Smoked Duck Terrine & Creme Brulee in Paris

This is my niece whom last month flew 23,000km to see me.  As you can see here, she´s a vain pot.  She is pretty good at applying makeup on herself although she´s only 8.  Colour application seems to be her forte because it is precisely this skill that got her to come all the way here.  You see, she won herself top prize in a colouring contest last year and her prize was a week stay in Shanghai!  How is that for an 8 year old eh.  But mummy and daddy had better plans, thankfully.  Instead of accompanying her to Shanghai, they told her that she get to visit me and Uncle Juergen in Germany and the rest is history.  To add icing to the cake, mummy and daddy will bring her to Amsterdam and Paris too including Paris Disneyland! WOW!

This was taken one morning while we were in Paris.  I voluntered to babysit her for the day.  I told her she could wear anything she want, put on makeup if she wishes and I would bring her to anywhere in Paris as long as she behaves herself.  So here´s what she did first ...

Check out her sandals ...and her colourful toe polish!

We started the day with a trip to Jardin De Luxemburg to sail some miniature sailboat.  It was not her favourite activity because she thinks it is too boring.  The sail boat takes a while to reach the edge before she gets to push it to the middle again.  Ah well.  As luck has it, her first sail  boat got stuck underneath a sprouting fountain in the middle of the pond.  So this was her second sail boat.

The highlight of the WHOLE trip, yes .. the whole 2 week stay, is this ... THE pony ride.  I still remember clearly how frighten she got when she went up to the pony.  But the funniest of the lot must be when she started shouting to the pony carer `where is my seatbeat, where is my seatbelt´?! while seated on the pony!  Haha!

Eiffel Tower is a must when one is in Paris and I knew exactly why I wanted to bring her there for.   She was thrilled to say the least.

We adjourned to Notre Dame to meet up with her mummy and daddy but plan changed a little.  After playing in a nearby park with some local children, I took her to a local bistro for a meal.  A proper meal.

She ate up two servings of baguette and claimed that its the best bread she´d ever eaten.  Well.  She´s in Paris after all.  I also ordered I believe one of the most expensive vanilla ice cream one could find.  12 Euro per glass and she did not even liked it.  Ha.  She instead missed rice so much and nicked most of it off my plate, just as it is ... plain.  No sauce, no chicken breast pieces, nothing.

smoked duck terrine appetiser ...

Eating in Paris is pricey.  For a basic set lunch like this where I easily pay under 12 Euro around Provence, I had them around 25 Euro in Paris.  But it is a meal with my beloved niece.

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