Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Pluck Yourself Flower Farm Visit, another 101 Experience

Honestly, Europe is an amazing land.  It is vast, beautiful, full of character, sometimes contracting with modern and old clashing together, cultured and they know how to enjoy life in whichever fashion you like and stylishly - I feel.  With summer around the corner, soon I will be joined by family member on a whirlwheel tour of some of my favourite cities in North Europe.  I live in a small town but that does not stop me from looking forward to some activities every weekend.  Last weekend included. 

Sorry for the lack of food related post, I am still trying to shed that last 2.5kg off (urg!) but hooray to the 8.5kg so far :-)

In Germany, there is such a trust system when you walk into any of these flower field to pluck your own flower.  There is a general indicator, a wood piece with different hole sizes on to indicate the price of the bunch of flower you pluck when you insert your bunch in.  No one is there to collect the amount except a metal coin box present for you to drop the said amount.  Base on trust.  Well, I don´t think this will ever work in Malaysia, really ... sorry if you feel offended reading this fellow Malaysian but I think its true!

The flower field is not far from our place.  It is 5km by car ride but double the distance with bicycle.  It was sunny and windy last weekend but nevertheless a perfect day to do some cycling.  Our third weekend so far and I swear my skin is getting tan by the day.  So much for my love of tofu white looking skin!

I drove over to Netherlands to pick up some window box flowers too.  Our tomtom finally did his job.  Phew, because I was alone.  And I came back with these too.  These are call Campanula Bali. There is nothing here that reminds me of Bali.  The rose shape or colour so, point to ponder on flower names.

One of the flowers I fell in love with while plucking them from the field was this orange coloured Dahlia.  But sadly, it has very weak stalk.  With a heavy heart, I snipped them shorter before placing them in a separate vast.  It looks pretty like that too isn´t it but as I am typing this, it had already wilted beyond recognition.  And it is less than 3 days after plucking! Oh well ...

Right now, my hubby had gone almost full gear on his bicycle riding actitivy.  Last week, he came home panting with sweat dripping from head to toe just because he was trying to beat a personal record from his timer watch.  He can be so competitive like that.   How different can we get :-)  Then he went to get himself a lovely riding helmet, riding sunglasses and the like. 

Now, I am tempted :-) First, I would really like to own a CUBE bicycle.  Then a white helmet and then a pair of cycling pants which I feel is so essential because of that additional padding.  But I guess I shall wait till I get back from summer holidays first :-)

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