Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Donut Boat Gathering @ Boathouse Almere

It rained that morning and our spirit dampen along.  We made our way to Almere Centre anyway for the preplanned dimsum breakfast.  The sky then cleared along, making way to another wonderful day with the girls. Relieve is an understatement because we´ve paid and there won´t be any refund should we decide to abandone our donut boat ride.

Each and everyone of us contributed something to the griller.  An option we opted for instead of catering their standard grill item which came with the Donut Boat rental.  Some of us made more than an item of us.  Missing food from homeland, this is our only chance to enjoy them guiltfree and sharing is caring - a motto one of the girl is fame of saying :-)

We had Thai Mango salad to work out our appetite.

While waiting for the chicken wings, Yok Kon (chinese pork jerky), sweet corn and DH Hamburg´s endowed sausage which got into hot topic of conversation :-)

DH Hoorn shared us her mum´s traditional recipe of Mui Choy Khao Yuk - preserved chinese vegetables with three layered pork belly stew.  Delish.

A lot was going on but I did not manage to snap photo of all of it.  Vegetables on skewers were not here.  So as the dessert end of the meal which one of the girls delicately skewered in beautifully.  You know who you are! Thank you so much!

Someone´s feeling the heat ... :-D

Our Calamari was ladenly soaked with Portugese Style Grill Fish Sauce.  Lovely.

Cockles made its appearance too but was dissapointingly chewy. Lesson learned.  Never ever buy frozen cockles.

Host itself prepared a special sambal sauce to go with her freshly brought prawns.  Another hit dish.

And Mackarel fish photo which I did not capture.  All equally spicy, all equally yummy because this are the taste we grew up with and it is only during such gathering that we get to enjoy them!

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