Saturday, 21 July 2012

Trio-Flavour Pork Grill & Trio Coloured Caprese Salad

Not long ago, I read that the skin of green tomatoes are usually thicker than their red or yellow cousins.  Its true.  They are overall firmer too but taste just as delish so I´m finding out ways on how to prepare them when my harvest of Green Heirloom tomatoes are due.

Mozarella is a must.  Need not have to be specific size but today, I wanted them small to balance off the mini cocktail tomatoes I´m preparing them with.  I tend to get pretty generous with the salad dressing too.  Seen here, served with basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Mallorcan´s almond oil for a change.

Today after sending our garden leftover material to recycling centre, went to pick up some stuff for the balcony in a garden centre and asian grocery and a few other chores inbetween ... we decided to end the day with an assorted flavoured meat grill.  Some came naturally flavoured with oil, some with curry, some with paprika and some tasted weird and unidentifiable.

We had two cases of beer and radler left from hubby´s birthday celebration so ...

This week, we got ourselves two new addition to the balcony.  A new flower pot or box to house my Queen of Sweden (right across) and a cool water fountain where water drizzles down from the hollow frame in the middle.

This thing ain´t cheap at all at 159 Euro each but we were surprised it went on sale today.  Luck was truly on our side so we used the savings to further add stuff on our shopping cart.  A pot of Campanula (4.99euro), Balloon Flower (1.99Euro), Winterheide (can´t remember how much) plus some can of Anti Moss Spray on outdoor furniture pieces.

Nice?  Btw, it is lighted too where the water drizzles from ...


  1. Hewwo! Our website is now no longer cumidanciki but . Please kindly update your blogroll, thanks soooo much! :D xox,mei

  2. Yummmilicious, so colourful .. porky stuff :-)

    Cheers, L!


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