Thursday, 5 July 2012

Summer Lounging with Cold Salad and Sushi ...

We did an impromptu purchase somewhere last week, seeing that weather´s turning warm and its time for us to spent more time on our balcony outside.  In the past, we relied on our good old, loan set from downstairs whenever we wanna dine al-fresco on the balcony.  It is white in colour, made of wood, solid and comes with a huge cushion to give one a nice padding where its needed.  But, its time to return the set.  We wanted something multi purpose, not just for al-fresco snacking (cannot really call it dining due to its height) but also to lounge around with a book when we feel like.  We settled for a simple 2 seater lounge set with a coffee table which acts also as a stool to sit on, or to rest ones feet on.  Perfect.

It arrived today.  Came in a huge carton box, and personally delivered by this UPS guy whom seem to have been under the hot sun too long, he looked burned and out of breathe when I greeted him at the door.  I felt bad for not abling to help him when he moved the carton in.  Not that I was enjoying myself seeing him huff and puff but space was an issue at our front door.

This evening, and coincidently, I packed some readymade sushi from a local discounter store.  Sushi are hard to come by.  I do check them out regularly but the expiry date sometimes make me stay away.  But today, it was an exception.  With a long due date more, I assume its fresh so I packed one into my shopping basket.  True enough, it truly was.  Did I mention its been a hot day today?  Well, sushi under such weather goes hand in hand.  It was nicely polished in seconds way before hubby finished his first helping of cold pasta salad in his tiny little serving plate.  I picked that little cocktail plate to match our new lounge set you see but didn´t realise it was very unpractical. Ha.

Hubby as usual, being the typical German could not wait to put up the lounge set right after he came home. 

We had a nice, relaxing meal there after ...

Everything was perfect.  The birds were chirping.  It was not too hot and the wind was blowing gentle breeze onto my hair.  With the sound of water sprinkling fr our little fountain, its bliss.  Only thing left doing then was, fix my nails.  It started chipping and oh-how-i-hate-that.  Tomorrow, I am off to my stammtisch´s Mai-Gang tour so I usually make an effort to polish them up with another layer instead of taking them off.

Soon, this pot of Geranium might find a new home in a rectagular container.  Hubby is eyeing another water fountain for our balcony so when that happens, the current container which we turn into water fountain will be left unused.  I reckon these babies here would look good in them.

Thats him with his 75 calorie ice cream :-)

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  1. Waa... can lepak on your comfy chair the whole day liao! :p heheheheh


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