Thursday, 5 July 2012

Mushrooms & Bacon Carbonara Classic ...

Summer is here, finally!  Just when I thought we´re gonna skip summer again like last year and going to head straight to autumn, it is here at last, in the month of July.  Things have been picking up for me lately.  A lot is happening.  I will be sitting for my driving exam this Wednesday, for the third time! But finally, I´d decided to do it in the comfort of the town I am living in.  I´ve also engaged a good school with even temperament tutor to guide me thru.  He is one cool fella and I really doubt he is the type who would get so nervous on the students behalf during exam day that he would puke.  Yes, the one I had earlier did that just before I sat for my driving test.  Unbelievable.

Someone close and dear is coming over to visit me soon, too!  That is super great news.  Nothing in this world would make me happier than to rejoice with my family member again.  I miss them so dearly and hence me going back to see them every single year, but this time round, our reunification is even sweeter.  I will finally get the chance to show them our lovely home, meet my inlaws and friends and to show them how my day to day life here is like.

My great news just kept on rolling one after another, and I shall keep the third one till much later.  I promise to spill once it is firmer.

Alright, its dinner time.  Its hot here so we´re having cold, cold pasta salad for dinner!

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  1. YUM! Love this version of carbonara of yours; I love carbonara & certainly try this recipe of yours once you gave it to me! LOL Good luck for your driving exam; I'm sure this time you'll nail it! Keep my fingers cross for you, dear friend! Wow! Can't wait to know your third new!! :)


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