Friday, 13 July 2012

Mäigang Trip in July with Stammtisch

We use to be 10 and now we´re down to 8 members in our stammtisch.  Fine enough.  But isn´t it always the case that the lesser the number of members in the group, the easier it is to gather everyone around?  Not exactly so this year.  Our yearly Mäigang got postponed twice to two months later for this exact reason.  I´m cool with it as long as I am not the one organising.  It is nice putting one´s feet up once a while, enjoy the wonderful summer day in the chosen city of Münster.  With a little shopping inbetween as well as ending our dinner in a cool medievel restaurant somewhere off the beaten track from town centre, I do now wish Christmas come early so we get to gather again :-)  It was indeed lovely.

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