Monday, 16 July 2012

His 42nd ...

As usual, there´s a little gathering at home with his friends in the evening.  Cake session with mama downstairs is a norm too.  This year, he said don´t bother baking.  Our weekend was spent running errands and doing up the geratehaus so he knows how exhausted I am.  I love him for being understanding like that :-)  After getting what´s needed for the garden, we stopped by Edeka for some stocking up.  Things for this evening such as beer, pizzas and snacks.  It was not possible to pass off this gorgeous looking Bailey Cake from Coppenrath.  We had it a while ago and totally agreed it tasted un-factory made.  Generous portion of Baileys, lovely mousse filling and nice layer of cake between.  Portion was not too huge so we were all happy campers end of the day.

This year, I decided to give hubby something practical.  Something he need and something for him to indulge in ... :-)

Happy 42nd Lou Kung! Have a good year ahead :-)


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  2. The cake looks great! Wish Lou Kung a wonderful year full of love and positive emotions.
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