Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Boys and their Toys ...

Hubby´s brother dropped in surprisingly an hour before the party starts. WITH a birthday gift.  I stared at it amusingly not because of what it is but because assembling itself is no easy task.  I would definately cry if someone would have given that to me.  These truely are boys toys.  After testing them in the livingroom before the rest of the gang arrive, hubby promptly place them aside.  But not for long because as soon as one of them spotted it, everyone started congregating around it to see how high can it fly and to further discuss the technical detail ... :-)  What a contrasting difference when I went clothes shopping with the girls just weeks and they wanted to peak inside my shopping bag! :-)

So yes, he was really please with it.  With his new helicopter toy, his new Truck game on Wii, plus another car racing game he bought just a week ago but base on our old PS2 console.  I guess I won´t be surprised to see him occupying TV for weeks to come :-)

My MIL gave him something unexpected this year.  A solar tree that charges his mobile, ipod, or even this new helicopter toy!  There is a lot of solar charger out there but not as decorative so I was in love with this myself.  However, it is his gift so he decides where to place them.  In the house or bring them to his office?

I discovered a new favourite beer flavour :-) It was not long ago where I was smitten with Cherry Beer from Belgium.  Unfortunately, the brand that I like is sold only in Belgium.  This one from Krombacher is german base and one can find it easily in getrankemarkt.  It is laced with Holundeer berries and I LOVE IT!  Even the girls whom came loveddd it so much they finished it to the last bottle.  Looks like its a ladies drink this one so I think I´ll stock this one up when expecting any female friends over.

Krombacher´s Fassbrause .. yumyumyummm :-)

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