Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dongwu Jie (Chinese Dumpling Festival)

It was Chinese Midsummer Festival two days ago and a good friend decided to pay me a visit to drop these lovely dumplings over.  I call myself really lucky.  Last year, I was fortunate to be tutored by another friend living in Netherland on how to make these. And to bring some home.  This year, it camed delivered to my home personally.  How amazing is that :-)

But, I said to myself it is time to step up the challenge next year.  Making them as how I´ve observed my mum doing it is no easy feat.  It involves not just preparation of the ingredient individually, wrapping the dumpling itself is a big challenge.  The leaves were precooked so that it is easier to handle.  The ingredients has to be perfectly seasoned and inserted proportionly to the rice in order to get a nice mouthful when eating them.  And the list goes on and on ... so,

Next year ...

I cooked up a Nasi Lemak meal for DH Nordhorn and her family.  It is spicy alright so her kids got a separate dish of KFC fried chicken and Indian Dhall Curry (Mild Potato Curry).  Her hubby could not take spicy too so he joined the kids.  The rest - pork curry and the sambal were gladly shared by me and DH Nordhorn.

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  1. wow really lucky u!!!! making them is an art :))))


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