Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dongwu Jie (Chinese Dumpling Festival)

It was Chinese Midsummer Festival two days ago and a good friend decided to pay me a visit to drop these lovely dumplings over.  I call myself really lucky.  Last year, I was fortunate to be tutored by another friend living in Netherland on how to make these. And to bring some home.  This year, it camed delivered to my home personally.  How amazing is that :-)

But, I said to myself it is time to step up the challenge next year.  Making them as how I´ve observed my mum doing it is no easy feat.  It involves not just preparation of the ingredient individually, wrapping the dumpling itself is a big challenge.  The leaves were precooked so that it is easier to handle.  The ingredients has to be perfectly seasoned and inserted proportionly to the rice in order to get a nice mouthful when eating them.  And the list goes on and on ... so,

Next year ...

I cooked up a Nasi Lemak meal for DH Nordhorn and her family.  It is spicy alright so her kids got a separate dish of KFC fried chicken and Indian Dhall Curry (Mild Potato Curry).  Her hubby could not take spicy too so he joined the kids.  The rest - pork curry and the sambal were gladly shared by me and DH Nordhorn.

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Tiziano Ferro has a way towards my emotions.  Since years.  He is the reason why I fell in love with foreign language albeit a bit embarrass to say, I still don´t understand a word he sings.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Salted Fish Minced Pork Dinner

It stanked the whole kitchen.  Again, poor hubby for having to live with strange, funny smelling asian ingredient when his wive craves for something homey and had to cook it herself.  But I´ve made special arrangement for him.  A plate of mash potatoes together with sausage usually does the trick :-)

Monday, 11 June 2012

Reichfest in our Greenhouse

Traditions I feel are so essential in our society even if it is small and at times seems meaningless.

Like any European country, Germany has its fair share of tradition to celebrate any occassion you can think off.  Most of it I must say again, involves drinking (ahem) or toasting - so yes, I do wonder if this is the reason why traditions in Germany is created for so that they could celebrate with a drink :-) 

We had a little Reichfest about a month ago.  Reichfest is essentially a ceremony to celebrate the completion of a building structure.  Not the whole completion but the base, and some does it with or without roof.  It is usually celebrated with a twig being hung above the building structure and later on, the person whom heads the building project or house owner etc, would be invited to give his/her speech on it.  Me and Mama decided to throw hubby a surprise Reichfest party seeing he worked to put up the greenhouse structure.

His brother Dirk was not with us but he nevertheless congratulated hubby via mama.

Mama whom loves giving gift came bearing gift.  I am not sure if this is part of the tradition but getting gifts of something edible and related to greenhouse is cool :-)

We drank ...

And ate while seated inside our little greenhouse.  I love this Reichfest and you know what?  We might wanna do one more within this year coz we´ve building another house!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Salad Days of Pad Thai Salad & Grilled Mushroom with Balsamic Dressing

Ideally, I wish to be one of those whom posses high metabolism and can eat to hearts content and yet, able to manage his/her weight fairly. But, its time of the year again. After a long, hard winter where one does not notice the changes under all the thick pullovers. I have had good results counting my calorie carefully on daily basis when I want to shed the pounds. So as of 3 days ago, I have been charting and it had been good! I start off the day with my daily coffee with a little milk and a drop of sweetener. Then followed by 30grams cornflakes with 100ml milk. Lunch is either an apple or yoghurt. It is tough of course and would not last me to dinner, so come coffee time, I would snack on a piece of bread or yoghurt. Dinner is normal, but smaller portion. But today, I decided to tweak it a bit with two meals of salad. Since it is cold today, I´ve turned both of them warm.

Both I thought, looked tantalising to the eyes. Taste wise, I am surprised over the grilled mushroom salad taste. It was fantastic.