Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Pork Medallion Dinner and Leonidas Giamanda for Dessert

Truth to be told, I do prefer homecook food lately as compared to dining out.  It had been a glorious one week holiday in Belgium, a country famed for their wonderful cuisine with influences from the french counterpart.  But strangely, I was up for grocery shopping in their local supermarket and whipping up something simple versus sitting thru hours in a restaurant waiting for my meal.  Possible too that their chocolates were so good, I was contented as can be even before meal time came.


Especially Brussels.  Love it very much.  It is an elegant city.  The city itself is spaced out well with lots of nooks and corners for one to rest its feets.  Fountains, well manicured garden, french architecture ... what is there not to love.   Couple that with locals speaking french, it is my kind of holiday.  And of course, the chocolates, wonderful waffles, beer and seafood at the sideline to tempt one further ...

My hands were itching to cook, but since we carted home almost the entire Belgium supermarket (our boot and backseat were both filled up to the brim!) and I had to spent quite a bit of time unpacking them last night and this morning, dinner tonight was something easy from the freezer.  It is at times like these that I appreciate Bofrost, the frozen food company which delivers pretty good quality stuff straight to our doorstep.  I whipped up a few pieces of Pork Medallion, served them with Spatzel (a kind of potato noodle) and some greens.  Its happy dinner for both of us.

We went chocolate crazy this trip.  It is not expensive to enjoy them in Belgium.  Pretty much 30% cheaper than what we get here so we made it a ritual to walk into a chocolatier after each meal (lunch and dinner) to pick our favourite.  We tried quite a bit.  Some stand alone boutiques, some well known chain like Leonidas, Godiva or Neuhaus, and some straight from supermarket brands just to have a feel of its difference.  They were all good.  Smooth and deep.

This one here, Giamanda is one of our favourite.  We should have bought a kilo of these back instead of 2kg of mixed chocolate.

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