Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Peony Party @ DH Almere´s Lakeside House

My DH friends gathers for eat out session almost every quarter.  It is one of those events where we could revive back our familiar language we spoke back home and to eat to hearts will all the food we grew up with.  Our last meeting was at DH Drachten´s place for Chinese New Year which I missed.

When spring hit, DH Almere offered us her place to gather.  It is our second time gathering at her place so it is nice to have familiar surrounding.

The boys or rather hubby set out to sail with DH Almere´s hubby and her son.  They just got themselve a new sail boat and her hubby wanted to test it out before their big sail trip the next day.  Hub loved the test sessoin to say the least and did not mind one bit that he got so sunburned in that short course of 2 hours.  He had sailed big ships before and small training sail boats but nothing of this size so it is quite an experience it seems!

While the boys are at it, the girls did some prep work.  The official theme is actually peony party with dimsum for food.  DH Almere´s Peony was there alright but still not in bloom.  Our talented host quickly though up of an alternative flower arrangement which resembled peony and adorn up the deck area with handmade peony balls for hanging.  How clever!

Drinks were applenty too.  Water, soft drinks, juices, beer, wine, bubbles and cocktail.  We have them all.

Dessert table was overflowing too.  From chinese, malay, french, japanese, belgium and all the way to new york!

Some food that was suppose to be for lunch got pushed to dinner instead because the serving table was not big enough to house them all ... It is pot luck where everyone contributes in to something and most of us try to bring something we miss from home.

But due to presence of our spouses from various international background, we had a good mix.  For example, we brought Bratwurst.  Johannes from Hongkong made his famous Siew Yuk and Japanese Gyoza.  And DH Almere made Strawberry Salad and Dutch Patata or Fries for the kids.

I arrived early due to the sailing session so I had some time to admire some of her lovely flowers in the garden. 

No picture from the group here because they might be camera shy?  But I thought I´ll show you a picture of where we had our dessert.  A beautiful deck area overlooking the lake on a beautiful spring/summer weather last Saturday and surrounded by a table full of wonderful dessert around 4pm.

The girls started asking when is our next gathering.  It is our turn at our place.  We had an apple and grape harvesting session last year, but this year .. our grapes are gone due to the greenhouse.  And so I am thinking apples and plum session as our plum seems to be flowering well this year!  As for the theme, I am going wild in my head right now.  Stay tune folks ... time to plan for our event next!

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