Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pampering Him on Italian Monday Night

Someone recently dropped me a comment asking where my daily dinner post. is.  I figured it would be kinda boring to blog or show you photos of dinner I´ve featured before and instead, wait for something a bit more significant like what is shown here.  The truth is, I am running out of ideas and out of steam but fair enough, I shall take it as a challenge since summer is around the corner and the abundance of seasonal produce is here again.  Also, I have a new toy to play with ... which is a new camera with two sets of gorgeous lens! More on that  later ...

So back to dinner, I made Caprese again but this time, instead of sprinkling some basil leaves over the mozarella and tomatoes, I pureed a batch of Barlauch and olive oil to dress it up.  Barlauch are also known as Wood Garlic, Bear Garlic or Bear Leek and it is in leave form which heavy garlicky taste.  Hence the name.  The inspiration came from a friend´s dining experience and I thought its pretty doable at home.

Hubby´s comfort food of Meat Balls and spagetti spring to mind when it main course came.  I´ve made meat balls thousand of times and each time, I tweaked the recipe a bit to give it some twist.  I wanted the meatballs to be tasty so I marinated them with pretty good handful of mature parmesan cheese inside.  To give it a chewy texture, I mixed in some breadcrumbs too.  All and all, hubby helped himself to second helping so I guess that is a green light to remake again eh?

So like I said, I try featuring something new in my blog entry.  If the above two made you realise that hey, I´ve made them before so why this entry .. well, this is it.  THE tiramisu towards the end of the meal.  Funny why I´ve made countless dessert but have not tried the fame tiramisu.  Without any recipe at hand, my adventurous sense took over again.  How bad can it be once I have mascaporne cheese, cream, sponge fingers, espresso coffee, coffee liquor, cocoa powder and sugar with me.  Hmmm .. the texture of the mascarporne does not seem right ... its not smooth enough and something´s just missing.  Which leave me with another list to do ... get a good recipe and do it properly :-)

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  1. you should compile a recipe book entitled '1001 quiet little dinners with my man' or something like that coz you take great pictures tt we want to eat them :)



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