Friday, 25 May 2012

Grilled Sardine, Chicken Paella and Truffles Dinner

Our kitchen and livingroom last night felt like oven so we had dinner on our terrace last night.  It was great choice because not only was it cooling and breezy, our entertainment came straight from the nature with birds singing enthusiastically from the trees nearby.  Today, I have been busy preparing a few pot luck dishes to bring over to DH Almere´s Peony Party tomorrow.  I made Har Gao or Cantonese Prawn Dumplings.  Har Gao is known to be a very difficult dimsum variety to make as one needs to ensure the dough is as thin as can be, but yet should not break.  Tough.  I think my Har Gao is the ugliest possible so I hope the girls don´t mind!

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