Monday, 7 May 2012

Four Cheese Cannelloni & Rocket Salad for Italian Monday

My friend whom visited two weeks ago gave me half a bag of chocolates exchanged from all over the world during her recent visit to company headquarter in Nestle Switzerland.  I have been binging on it every evening after dinner which is not good at all so, I made it a point during today´s dinner to go light.

The supermarkets are getting exciting again.  Lots of fresh produce are lining the isles now and I particularly like it when it looks fresh, colourful and seasonal.  Today, I made a simple salad of Rocket, Tomatoes, Grapes, Cucumber and Capsicum.  I tested out the bottle of lemon salt I picked up from Barcelona last Autumn in the salad seasoning together with a splash of spanish olive oil.  A dash of honey and I am please as a pie.

Dinner was actually a cheat.  It is ready made Four Cheese Cannelloni when tomato sauce within.  I´ll say, go with the flow when time does not permit.

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