Saturday, 12 May 2012

Barbecue Pork Ribs & Chicken Breast with Caesar Salad Side

I think I should do this more often!  With a good barbecue sauce in hand, anyone could whip up a yummy and hearty meal fit for a family, don´t you think?  I like my meat tenderly prepared, those fall-off-its-bone kinda meat but it is something I find not so easy to do when it comes to grilling method.  Perhaps you have a tip for me in this aspect???  Do share!  We had our dinner tonight with a simple Caesar Salad side sans anchovy in the sauce mixture.  Its refreshing salad netherless and great accompanying meat.

Today, I finally finished my little project for mother´s day tomorrow.  Hub did one too, initially played with clay modelling like what I did here but his did not turn up as expected so he decided to switch to plan B just this afternoon.  I´ve got to show you what he did.  It is being left to dry right now and there is just one word from me to describe it ... amazing!

This was the little project I made.  A small plate to place chocolate pieces using simple clay material.  This technique was an inspiration I got from Pinterest, did not expect it to be doable but yes, it is an amazing `press`the pattern you want onto the clay and let it dry.  I painted the botton baby blue to match mamas kitchen interior.  Hope she likes it!

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  1. I was craving barbecue, and now am officially hungry after reading this!


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