Thursday, 5 April 2012

Summer Seeds and Bulbs 2012

Our spring garden is almost ready for full display. The blue muscari´s been blooming since a month ago at the edges of both side of our garden plot. The tulips are now beginning to show its force although painfully slow. Blame it on the return of cold temperate since last week. Some of the tulips I was hoping to catch a glimpse was laying idle, hidden between the new leaf. Arg. If only there´s such a thing call flower steroid, of is there? At one point, I thought I´d destroyed some of my beloved double fold Chinatown Tulips because I separate them last autumn hoping I would double them) and am left without any Chinatown Tulips this year BUT I saw some sprouting out just now. Hooray! There are also some white and green ones which I can´t remember its name and this is the reason why I am putting up this post, to put my inventory list here - which I missed out last Autumn with my new bulb collection.

So here it is ...

I got a packet of Summer Edible Flower Seeds which I plan to serve in cubes as shown. Such a neat idea isn´t it?  I also bought two packets of Gladiolus or Sword Lily as how its called sometimes.  My MIL advised me to get them soaked in water for a couple of hours before planting them to speed up its growing process.  Great tip!

I wanted to try out Freesia too, to see how easy it would grow.  The thing about growing from bulb or seed, it might not gurantee results end of the day.  But feeling adventurous and optimistic, I will give it a go at least once.

I was admiring some of DH´friend´s Dahlia when they posted its photo on facebook.  They say, Facebook is a great place to show-off, haha. I could not agree more.  This year, I hope to show-off back in return :-)

DH Hamburg actually gave me some Lupine seeds last year after me going go-go-ga-ga over hers. I think I must have taken the planting process to seriously because I actually planted the seed inside the ground although she literarily said - just throw them on the ground and it would grow by itself.  I love Lupine so much especially the colourful range so I will give this a go!

Gonna plant some mint too because I love mojito and Vietnamese Cold Roll!

Somewhere last week, I decided to give vegetable seeding one more go.  I had a few packets of seed, still unopen and am pretty sure its something I can´t get here, or at least not in this small town I am staying so ...

Hey! It is starting to come out from the soil!  Well sort off, except for the thai basil which I reckon would take longer than usual.

Today, I learned the name of this bush next to our StrandKorp (Beach Seatee or something liddat).  It is yellow in colour, has a japanese something something as its scientific name but in German, its called ranunkelstrauch.  There you go :-)  I had placed this small bundle on the breakfast table seeing its such a happy looking bunch, along with Daffodils and Apple Blossom which I hope would bloom soon.

And right next to that small vase is Moca, a cute little schnauzer toy pet which reminds me so much of the dog I use to play with back home in Malaysia :-) He is a real sweetie.

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