Saturday, 7 April 2012

My Grandma´s Fish Maw Soup & Shanghainese Saoro for Good Friday

Hubby is away sailing with his buddies and his brother somewhere at the North Sea since last Thursday.  He got pretty excited over this trip just before leaving - huge grin on his face and like a kid in a candy store!  All is because he missed out his sailing trip last year due to bad weather, and the sail ship this time round it seems is something to behold.  It is apparently not just old, but its large too.  I just hope he is careful this time.  The last he sailed, he came back with bruises all over due to knocks when the weather gets rough, ,windy and rainy.  He was also asked by the captain then to set up the sail on the pole on xxx feet of height! I was imagining one of Captain Jack Sparrow´s scene in my head when he told me that.  So yeah, I politely declined several times when he asked me to join him.  Dun think I will ever be ready for such adventure. 

The house is quiet, needless to say.  Although my hubby is generally an easy go lucky kinda person to be with, he likes searching for things to do in the house.  Particularly so now, when spring is here and everyone seems to be getting into action. I like doing housework but lets just say I am more efficient when he is not around.

It had been a while since I last had chinese soup.  Not entirely my Grandma´s recipe since I missed bringing Dried Sea Cucumber here early this year, and the inavailability of fishballs in my freezer, I thought they taste great nevertheless.

A lot of Christians are fasting due to Good Friday.  But we are all moderates in our household, for many generations it seems according to my hubby.  So eating meat on Good Friday is okay.  I tried out Hunger Hunger´s Shanghainese Saoro recipe!  It is delicioussss, sort of reminds me of charsiew really but these are braised.  Her recipe calls for rock sugar which I don´t have.  A friend of mind, DH South Lake whom knows Terri personally also told me it is a sweet dish.  Hearing that, I´d halve the sugar content and it was a good choice indeed. 

I think I will make this for next Chinese New Year in KL!

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  1. I wish I had such yummy stuff around Easter...We only eat the same old boring dishes...


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