Friday, 6 April 2012

I got Nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award!

But first, I must apologize to the two dear sisters whom nominated me because it surely took me MONTHS to write about them here.  Infact I´d totally  forgotten about it until I saw one of the sister´s post on another nomination and I felt really bad not doing anything about it.

Thanks DH Paris and DH Almere for the nomination!  I am truly honourd because coming from both of you who clearly are much much more versatile than I am.  Believe me, hop over to their site to see what amazing thing they do! 

So here goes, as any award goes, there are rules.  I call it meme sometimes because they are mostly about oneself and meme does just that. 

The rule of nominations are :

* I have to tell 7 things about myself
* pass on the award to 7 other great bloggers.
* Nominees have to thank and link back to the person who gave you the award

And the 7 things about myself are (bear with me) ;

1) I am a housewive - it is a full time job from cleaning, tidying, shopping, planning, communicating, everything!  There is no border and no fix hours.
2) I love photography, cooking & experimenting, travelling and gardening BUT I hate editing photos, washing up the pots or dishes, taking flight and watering plants (in that order, yes!)
3) I seem to have big problem stiffing up cream.  Even till now.  I have tried chilling the cream, adding substance to solidify it, adding sugar gradually, using slower speed at beginning stage of beating BUT it has all failed.  It is a mystery to me, STILL.
4) I would one day love to get myself enrolled into Le Cordon Bleu and a good photography course. That would be my dream.  I would love to also learn more about gardening and flower arrangement.  If I were to enter workforce again, this area would give me much pleasure.  My other dream is to own and run a B&B.
5) Five ... urg, what else about myself.  Hmmm .... Do I prefer staying in Europe?! A lot of my friends back home in Malaysia (my sister included) asked if I prefer Germany or Malaysia.  That is a tough one.  I love Malaysia because of friends and family, and FOOD.  The rest aspect of life, Germany it is.
6) I love collecting things.  Some things I collect are piggy banks, thomas sabo charms, chinaware, travel magnets, shoes, hangbags and cookbooks.
7) My husband does not understand why I can´t tie my shoelace well or getting my winter jackets zipper up smoothly.  Hehe, me too.

So now comes the exciting part which is tagging 7 person BUT I will skip this.  I must admit that I am very very BAD with keeping in touch, or minggling in blogsphere so tagging them out of the blue would be too weird.  But do feel free to join in if you wish! Have fun!


  1. '...I must apologize to the two dear sisters WHO' (not whom)

    '....truly honourd because coming from both of you WHO' (not whom)

    ok, as you were..

  2. oh, thank you for the english lesson! truly honoured to have someone taking time to do this ...

  3. Congratulations, Lianne. At least you could write a complete positive article in your blog instead of two lines of snide negative remarks.


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