Friday, 6 April 2012

First Attempt in Baking Orange Chiffon Cake, and I Made It!

The recipe calls for 7 egg yolks and 9 egg whites.  Sounds scary isn´t it and makes me wonder how the road side vendor back in Malaysia makes a profit selling these cakes at such low prices!  Anyway, it is one of those cakes which I´ve heard countless horror stories about.  Not so easy to make, it will crack, it will sink etc etc and that was the main reason why I´d shy away.

But when Cherry from this site mention an IDIOT PROOF recipe, its time to put on the apron!

My only regret, should have brought a chiffon cake mould back from my recent trip home.  This guggelhoft baking tray is way to small.  The cake anyway tasted fantastic and had the texture of chiffon cake as promised.  I am pleased.


  1. Yeah! Finally You've made it !! Looks great even though you've used up so many eggs. I think I wanna give this a go too! Love Idiot Proof recipe that works! I called mine Dummy Recipes! LOL No, actually it's my best friend who called it Recipes for dummy ! Well, that's me he's referring to!! :)p hahahahahha

  2. So this one is recipe for Idiots huh! kekeke, i dun care what people call me man as long as jadi ...:-D your bestie veli funny ah :-D


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