Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Eat Colour, See Colour while listening to Tiziano when its GREY outside

(please excuse my grammatic error!)

I´ve been feeling super sluggish lately with a long to-do-list to complete.  The weather´s not helping either and I´m dying here waiting for the real spring to arrive.  Why is with this coldness and windy, and some parts of Europe snowing in mid April?  Craziness isn´t it?   Just last week, I was advising my friend and a cousin whom I will be meeting up this weekend not to bother bringing any thick jacket. I had to email them back this week to quickly slot one into their luggage bag.  Bummer.  With all this gloominess from outside, I was thinking colourful food for dinner this afternoon.  Coincidently, hubby came home and suggested salad!  Hallelujah .. it is amazing when two minds think alike.

Colours ... it makes one happy just by looking at it.  Nutritionist advise one to eat variety coloured food for a good balance diet.  But for me, it is the lightness, sweetness, crunchiness, healthiness and guilt-free feeling it gives that makes me want it.  I´ve eaten great salads and I can say, salads ain´t boring at all.  I love experimenting with texture, flavour and new oil to give it some deph and to me, it is like theraphy at times.  Tonight, we had them drizzled with Mallorcan Almond Oil and Spanish Olive Oil. Love it.

Herés our new flower bed for our window boxes.  If you remember well, we ran out of luck last year with all our window box flowers.  We got them replanted THREE times last spring/summer due to some bug invasion and some just died on us.  Very frustrating because imagine replanting on all 16 windows around our house and replacing all the soils as well.  It was not just the amount of work involve, it cost us quite a bit too.  But, it is all good now.  We decided to seed them from scratch last autumn instead of buying baby plants, and it survived last winter till what you see now ... We are keeping our fingers cross these will survive at least till end of summer.  Otherwise I´m gonna start planting plastic flower from then on!

Tiziono Ferro! I´ve been a fan since I first heard him on Singapore Airline way back in year 2000 during my first trip to Paris.  He had been my idol since.  He composes, writes, sings, dance and everything else .. super talented guy with very little exposure outside Italy and me not understanding a single word he said BUT its okay! He´s that good!  I´m glad I spotted a compilation album of 4 disc priced as 1.  I´m a happy camper :-)

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  1. what happnd to the daily dinner posts?


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