Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Means Its Spring, Officially ...

Happy EASTER!!!

This is a scheduled post which I´d prepared yesterday evening.  Works great when one wants to greet the world (Hello everyone back in KL!) and has thousand and one thing to do on the day itself.  I´ve got a back to back date with mum.  We will spent some time having coffee and cakes (I will show you what I bake soon!) follow by dinner which she voluntered to organise.  Nothing fancy but stuff that usually hubby does not fancy and we both (mum and I) does.

We decided to keep things simple in the house.  Actually it is more like, I´d prefer them simple around the house.  No DIY projects or massive flower decoration with bunnies and eggs like how everyone does here, except these three little bunnies I found in Tschibo last week at 2.00 euro per set. Ain´t they cute?! :-) 

With some branches & flowers from the garden, I got them arranged informally before hanging a few eggs on it.  This is it, it is what greets us at the staircase infront of the house.

I´m gonna surprise my MIL with all these yummy treats.  Spring edition Ritter Sports, Lindt´s Easter Chocolate Eggs, Kinder´s Euro 2012 edition chocolate sticks and jelly beans.  We are going to spent coffee time together with my rendition of Bunny Bun with pouch full of Easter Eggs (that would be an interesting one!) and Coffee Gugelhupf Cake.  Dinner will be another treat.

I will take photos, as usual :-)

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  1. Ohh, this is such a wonderful idea for Easter decoration that I will steal it from you instantly :).. Thanks a lot for the wonderful design ideas, they are really fantastic!


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