Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Cron & Lanz Baumküchen in one of Germany´s Best Konditorei & Cafe

I wanted to blog about so many things as off late, but believe it or not it is cold again like it did back in February and I am not in the mood for anything at all.  Funny how much it affects me and how I talk about weather nowadays; with my hubby, my MIL, my friends and whoever around me, and sometimes the two Wellenseite too which I find amusing because I use to bark at the idea of how the English across the channel does that - and now me.  But naja, as how the German says it, it can happen.  Last weekend, we decided to make a trip to Germany´s Fairy Tale route to visit a couple friend.  I did not know they actually live in that area and it was only upon admiring the lushness landscape and architecture that hubby broke the ice and said, well, this is it.  The land where the famous childhood fairytale were once whispered from generations to generations, grandparents to their grandchildren or parents to their kids.  It is a wonderful area, so much to tell but sad to say, what I know is a bit too premature to share simple because we only had less than 36 hours there.  Covering a mass length of 600km, me and my hubby made a pact to come back again to visit these wonderful places.  I guess that also means that we have enough time to freshen up our memory on Brother Grimm´s tales.

Back to the header of this blog entry, I wanna share with you a little gem right in the middle of this route.  Located in Gottingen where Brother Grimm compiled his work, sits a well known cafe call Cron & Lanz.  They are famous alright and are reputed to be one of the finest of its kind in North Germany.  People from all over come here not just for their tantalising looking chocolates, sweets or biscuits, but also their Baumkuchen which I believe is a specialty unique to Germany or German speaking country including Switzerland and Austria.  It sorta reminds me of Indonesia´´s layered cake with the layer evidence, but I have witness them in several program that baking these were entirely different from Indonesia´s Layered Cake.  Baumkuchen, with Baum referring to Tree got its name from the usage of wood material used in the baking process.  It uses a long log held together both ends by some support over an open fire alongside the log.  The batter is then poured layered upon layer whilst the log is being rotated over the fire in the middle until it is cooked before another layer is added.  Pretty interesting if you ask me.

Cron & Lanz has a few variation of the Baumkuchen.  Some came with hazelnut filling, some with praline and so on.  We three; me, hubby and Jürgen ordered the exact same Baumkuchen seeing it sounded divine from the menu card.   True enough, the mild flavour with light spice got the thumbs up from all of us.  The cake texture itself was soft too unlike those we´ve tried in few other places.  So I´d say, don´t miss this if you happen to be in Gottingen!


  1. Baumkuchen? This looks more like a Prinzregententorte (look it up!). But..... yum!!!

  2. thanks for the info, i know this ... but what i was trying to say is the essence to make this `torte? is essentially baumkuchen which this cafe specalises in. Cheers!

  3. Just the name Baumkuchen and I am already dreaming about the sweet taste of this dessert! i hope that I will check this cafe some day! The cake looks gorgeous.


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