Thursday, 15 March 2012

Wedding Anniversary Dinner @ Elkemann

Back to blogging, yay!  I miss the smell of my pillows at home, I miss my kitchen, I miss my sofa .. heck, I even miss the sigh of my wilted daffodils waiting for me patiently to water her.  The comfort of own home, something connected, familiar, reassuringly contented with although I have been pampered from head to toe last weekend in an amazing hotel.  Silly right, but yes, I am a routine creature with deep connection with familiarities.

Today, I wanna share you our dining experience in Elkemann which happen to be the restaurant we held our wedding dinner on 3 years ago.  How time flies, and I still do feel like we are in honeymoon phase honestly so I guess its a good thing.  Elkemann btw, is a new venue and concept after they moved away from Ahaus Schloss Restaurant.  It is such a pity they had to move because the venue we held our wedding dinner at is on the ground of a very old castle and just being there makes it more romantic and nostalgic.  The new location is more business oriented.  Good thing is food is just as fabulous, however not as `fine dining style`as before but instead more homely and heartier.  More German so to speak.

The restaurant is 5km away from our home so we took a nice leisurely drive there that evening.  It is a business hotel so it was  not surprising to spot lonely diner having their dinner with newspaper or a book in hand.  We were the only couple, partly due to it being a weekday and hooray, we were treated to a complimentary and super yummy rosti on the house.  Not your typical rosti but with filling of meat within. Love this so much.

Hub ordered his portion of Gourmet Steak of Pork steak with mushrooms and onions, Hollandaise sauce served with chips and salad.  At € 14.80, his plate looks good, portions huge (as anticipated) but not so hearty looking as mine.  I was tempted to nick some off his plate but alas, was reminded that its a big no-no, moreless on this special occassion where I wanna behave in public eye :-)

It baffles me why I order pork dishes whenever I dine in a German restaurant. The selection here is pretty good, ranging from fish, seafood, poultry to red meat but I chose pork again.  Hearty and bursting over the seam portion in the form of Country house pan.  There´s 2 chunky pork medallions inside served on a ragout of wild mushrooms with green beans, roasted potatoes and ham, AND topped with scrambled eggs.  How heavy is that, and at € 17.60 ... its not too bad a price considering the portion and quality.

Under normal circumstances, we will stop at just the main course itself.  But since its our wedding anniversary, we wanted a sweet ending.  Our orders of Vanilla Ice Cream and Wild Berry sauce surely sound boring, but it tasted so good.  When food is well made, then its worth exploring the mundane outlook.

So this is it.  Our wedding anniversary dinner here.  Cozy and simple.


  1. Your pork dish looks really yummy!! it has all the nice things that i like..for the price i think it's considered cheap!

    happy anniversary!

  2. thanks Mae :-) i find them yummy too. oh, did i mention its on half price because we´ve got a gutscheinbuch???


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