Monday, 19 March 2012

Tomato en Salada, Spagettini Carbonara for Lazy Sunday

I shouldn´t have called in lazy sunday because we did quite a bit yesterday.  I got the bed sheets changed, did some laundry, rearranged our bookshelves and tended to our garden.  Hubby whom did not want to lose out cleaned the oven, stove and coffee machine after breakfast.  The white table you see here was also set up by him yesterday.  With a few more inbetween jobs and snacking on leftover cake I baked on Friday, we were famished when dinner time came.  So I thought, carbonara would be it.  It is creamy, delicious and importantly, very filling ...

Half way through boiling the spagettini, guilt set it.  Something else is needed to balance this carbo-laden meal.  In the fridge were some fresh tomatoes and salad hub picked up on Friday.  Our new ceramic knife from Kyocera was put to test too and boy, is surely is sharp as anything I have used before.  I got the tomatoes arranged open style.   Nothing heavy is needed to season these delicious, red tomatoes except for some gratings of parmegianno regiano, some olive oil and pepper.

This is dinner and we like it this way.

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