Thursday, 15 March 2012

Spring Read ; The Language of Flower by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Reading bug finally caught up with me past few months.  Not so much as a book a week or so, but a book a forth night or month will do for me.  Something has to stir me, be it boredom, curiosity or nice sunny weather like today.  What more when the book I picked up from Dusseldorf airport last week was about flowers which befits what is outside our home today.

So far, I´m 1/5 through.  I am planning to head to bed early after this blog post too, just to get myself immerge further into the storyline.  When I was visiting my taiwanese friend here yesterday, she happily declared it would be spring starting today.  Her weather forecast machine better be right because I have big plans tomorrow.  Bake a lovely spring cake for afternoon tea tomorrow and perhaps, drag out our fatboy onto the balcony for a little rest & relax.  And oh yeah, this book of course.

Weekend´s here and wishing you a lovely one ...


  1. "The Language of Flowers," first-time author Vanessa Diffenbaugh tells the story of Victoria Jones, a suspicious, distrusting, deeply defensive product of the foster care system. As the novel opens, her group home housemates set fire to her bed, she endures a lecture from her soon-to-be-ex-caseworker, and moves into an apartment where the rent has been paid for a few months. Ending up homeless, Victoria manages to find temporary employment with a florist, due to her innate gift of creating beautiful, memorable bouquets. Then, she meets a fellow flower vendor who shares her ability to communicate with flowers - and it turns out he is someone she has met before.


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