Sunday, 4 March 2012

Spring Feast with Flowers & High Tea

I´m back from Malaysia, in one piece and with no change to my travel schedule after Frankfurt airport groundstaff decided to stage a massive strike that went on forever.  Luck was really on my side.  The very weekend I came home was the only weekend they decided to stop the strike, and as I am typing this, the demonstation has even gone another notch bigger and has now spreaded to Berlin.  I hope it stops there and not to other airports (especially Dusseldorf) because this weekend, I will be flying off again but with hubby this time for his official first holiday for this year. 

We have been blessed with pretty mild temperature this time.  No minus 15C, phew!  Spring is officially here too with 16C of gorgeousness just two days ago. It is lovely letting the fresh air into the house versus inhaling the stale, dry air from the heater, so yeah ... the first thing I do when I spot Mr. Sunny as of late is welcome it with both my arms strenched open. Happiness.

Due to our impending trip this weekend, hubby dutifully brought our small luggage bag down from our attic.  It is not often seeing me climb up the attic because the space is a mess.  Under normal circumstance, I would not think twice over clearing up a space but, this is a space filled with 100 years old sentimental item left to hubby.  Access to the attic is pretty challenging too. The only way to get up is by pulling the handle of the staircase down and one has to be at least a six footer to do it so yeah, hubby is the only one able to do so.  But today,  while searching for a standard pot to place my recent flower plant purchase, I spotted a gorgeous cocktail bowl.  Isn´t it lovely?  An idea suddenly sprang to mind and I quickly got my hands dirty with soil, flowers and all.  What do you think?  Pass?

Spring is in the air and I am getting more and more excited!  I went into full force of getting the house prepped up to welcome spring after recovering from jetlag.  The windows are now spanking clean.  I love it when its blink-blink, it is as though the nature from outside has come right into our living space and it relaxes me.  The winter decorations are already packed up into their respective boxes and since Easter is around the corner, out comes the `hase`aka rabbit.  The branches I use to decorate the bedroom´s vases are now being replaced by a large bunch of Hydrangea.  It is sitting pretty over there and I could not be more please with the splash of colour at this corner.

I was in the mood to bake too.  Its about time because they say, whatever machine you have in your house - run it on interval or they might die off. Nah.  It is just an excuse for me.  I was craving for some french dessert.  A friend of mine living near Paris was so kind to tantalise me with her Mont Blanc recipe (hehe you know who you are, anyway for the record - she makes the best french dessert ever and grows the most gorgeous roses I´ve ever seen).  Tabik and respect ... Looks really good but I shall save that for another weekend once I am back from our trip. 

Yesterday was one of those Saturday morning where I wanted to do many things at one go and I had to be realistic to keep each of them as simple and short as possible.  So, simple french lemon cake and store bought brötchen with cheese and ham will do for our afternoon High Tea - my way.  With a copy of my favourite magazine, lovely weather, my lavazza cuppa and beautiful blooms around ....I could not have asked for more.

Spring is here .... :-)

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