Thursday, 22 March 2012

Poulet de Moutarde for French Wednesday & A little French Secret ...

It is no secret I adore french food, and japanaese, and thai, and malaysian and many many more but particularly french.  Before moving here, I had this impression that french food are mainly haute cuisine. They are fashionable, well  made and oh-so-tiny a portion. And, they are expensive to be indulged too. My impression served me that even after visiting France twice but I was clearly in one of the most expensive cities in the world - Paris.  After moving here, I was introduced to what people call, the real french cuisine.  In another word, food everyday people eat like for you and me.  But the centre of what makes french food so irresistable is still there.  Good cooking coupled with abundance of freshness in ingredient.  I was lucky to have friends and family in France.  They surely did open my eye to food serve in France in general.  It is not something out of reach and happily, if one has a bit of patience and perseverance on the lookout for techniques, they are abundance and easy to be replicated at home.  Last year, I skipped french theme out of my daily dinner planning fearing it would be too time consuming.  But alas, I am up for it this year so I´m gonna make a big bold move to switch Fusion Wednesday to French Wednesday officially.

To start off, something french - of course in form of Chicken in Mustard Sauce (french of course, again) for our dinner last night. The mustard taste was particularly memorable. They are imported you see, and from the region near Provence so I´d like to believe they are better than any other :-D and it indeed is lovely.

No recipe here again as usual, sorry dear friends. I am still trying to figure out if I should include recipes here but again, what will I do with my other blog then? And the other blog being tedious with more photo editing to do (I am very particular like that) etc, I don´t know.  I am in a dilemma .. so give me some time to figure this part of my online life out yeah.  Muchos, muchos gracias ...

Moving on, I am skipping to my next book! Boy, am I not on the to roll? I was just telling my DH friends not too long ago that I am not so much a book reader but magazine browzer.  BUT, I finished two books last week itself!  The Language of Flower was fabulous - thought I must add it made me weeped and reminiscence back on my childhood days (sad story).  It got me to such emotional stage that hubby noticed.  I had to warned him that my mood swing was not him related but it is from that book.  Neitherless, I enjoyed the extra attention he gave me seeing I was so down.  The book is good, damn.  But now, I am ready for something not so broody to bring me to lovely spring weather which we are enjoying abundantly as of late.  A book which I find every women struggling to keep her weight off needs. And it is ...

Its very handy, I know.  I´ve read the japanese version many years ago and I swore by it.  It is not a diet book whatsover but making change to ones lifestyle.  Back in Malaysia, it was easy for me to emulate how the japanese women eats because there´s abundance of japanese eatery and ingredient around but now that I am in Europe, going french would be easier.  Will see!

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