Sunday, 25 March 2012

Never Thought I´d Owe a Greenhouse, But I Do Now! And MIL´s first David Austin Rose (Glamis Castle)

The title says it all.  We decided spontaneously today to get a greenhouse facing the back of our terrace.  At the current moment, it is basically a junk area where we hid our sack of soil, containers etc.  An apple tree and our beloved grape tree is there too but we thought there must be a better way to utilise this space especially now that our apple tree´s going to be chopped off soon.  It had contracted `cancer`it seems so ... The only thing worth keeping is the grape tree but we have a month before our new greenhouse gets delivered to figure out where to relocate it.  Here´s what we bought!  One month wait, not too bad ...

At the meantime, we can figure out some racking solutions inside.  I also saw some ideas on how to lay the flooring but I am not sure if its practical.  We initially thought of putting wooden plank all over like the picture above until we saw the photo below.  It is a greenhouse is it a great idea to  leave some ground empty for seeding and place some pots on it to at least let it keep in contact with mother nature?  Or is it better to enclose the flooring up to maintain a warmer temperature within.  Any idea?

Today, my MIL is a proud owner of her first David Austin rose plant.  The variety in the nearest garden centre is not so great but managed to filter down to either the Glamis Castle or Alexandre the Kent, a deep pink variety.  I ended up picking Glamis Castle since the plant itself was more well formed and its foliage were strikingly healthy looking.  I hope she likes it and did not expect a pink one!  Anyway upon returning home, I showed hubby David Austin´s website and was swooning at the varieties it carries and guess what? Hubby ask me to get it! He love them too! :-D

Will see ...

Glamis Castle (Auslevel)
David Austin Recommended Variety

Category - English Roses
Bred - By David Austin
Colour - White / Cream
Flower Type - Double/Full Bloom
Size - Medium Shrub
Hardiness - Hardy
Fragrance - Medium
Repeating - Good

Pure white, cup-shaped flowers of typical Old Rose character. Its growth is quite short and bushy with numerous twiggy branches, upon which it bears flowers with quite exceptional freedom and continuity - making it ideal both as a border rose and for bedding. It has an English Rose, myrrh fragrance.

Glamis Castle is the childhood home of The Queen Mother and the legendary setting of Shakespeare¹s play 'Macbeth'.
3ft. x 2.5ft.

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