Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My Super Bushy Christrose Plant

It is no secret that I love flowers. A new love I acquired when I arrive here and never would I have thought that I would be so into it.  I would gather any opportunity to drop by any garden centre or flower shop just to peek around what´s new in the market or what new ideas can I derive to decorate them with. Sad to say, I am not so good at it yet so I am  still learning the ropes of flower arrangement by myself and at one point, I was so into it that I actually suggested to hubby that I might wanna consider taking up a course in flower arrangement.  Since I love flowers and decorating with them, I thought of doing an ausbildung in it. It would probably be easier for me to get a job in this line too versus my marketing background and yeah, in Germany, you need paper qualification of that particular interest for that job (which in my opinion is a very rigid system, and I was told it only happens in Germany and Austria) but yeah, I did think that over at one point - until something came up and it remains only a hobby.  I shall reveal what is the something when the time is right yeah so at the moment, lets talk flowers!

I was at Behrent, our local flower centre with great discounted plants and look what I found?!

A bushy Christrose plant with 40 over blooms!

This Christrose is SPECIAL.  I will tell you why.  This is the only `decent`looking flower that would pop up to greet you during cold winter nights of -15C year after year.  How amazing is that? Imagine buckets of snow covering your garden with still whiteness and HELLOOOO ... this cutey pie perks out to wish you a good day :-) I have been searching for a beautiful bush like these for many years now and alas, found them and to make you envy me more - I paid 7 Euro for it only :-)

Once the cold dissappears, the flowers will turn purplish green then fall off.  But the plant remains green and leaves all intact for the rest of the year so yeah, I´m totally sold on this one!

If you´re a follower of my blog, you would notice how much I love peonies.  Last year, Tante Anna came bearing them as gifts but sad to say, it last about a week and that´s it.  I planted a Sarah Bernhardt last year however, its not looking good at all with the stem appearing brown and weak so, here´s another two more to add to my collection just incase my current Sarah Bernhardt die on me. So here´s to another Sarah Bernhardt and Karl Rosenfield!

Today´s our 3rd wedding anniversary! Mama Else summon me downstairs for some bubbly this morning and handed me these :-)

Alles gutes ja meine mädchen ...she said :-) 

She still calls me little girl ... hehe


  1. Wahh... three years? Time flies :-) CONGRATULATIONS!!

  2. wow, thought you had one already it was blooming when it was snowing. Yes my MIL calls me little girl too, I enjoy being a lil girl too.


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