Friday, 16 March 2012

Mallorcan Orange & Lemon Cake

When I first arrived here, hubby had his habit of buying me yellow or orange flowers.  I was more into pastel then you see, so I told him NO yellow or orange flower or things for me please.  He got the message and from then on, he only gave me pink, blue, purple and white/green flowers or any other colour except for yellow.  Orange was also another colour which I am not so fond off.  I find them too striking and garish, and it feels as thought the sun is constantly on my face which I detest before I came here.  Coming from a country with endless sun, it is inevitatable that I shy away from it. 

But somehow last year, my taste in colour started to change. I started noticing colours like how a child experiment with their box of crayon on their first day at school.  The feeling is great needless to say but I am still tracking carefully with purchases around me.  Temptation to add colour to my wardrobe and living space is there, but I am not all out 100% yet.  With the only exception on food and my flowers.  The more the merrier because after all, it is only temporary feast to the eye.  This morning, I woke up to a mission to create a striking and garish cake. 

The cake base is a simple butter cake with zest from oranges and lemon I brought back from Mallorca.  It tasted exquisitely fragrant and deep.  My luck with cream icing ran out of me again so I resorted to using our last pack of butter to create buttercream.  Texture wise, love it because it is sturdier but tastewise - it is super rich and I´m not so fond of it.  The saving grace are the orange slices on top which I felt went well with the cake. It did a marvelous job cutting thru the heaviness of the butter cream and cake with its light, refreshing, citrusy taste. 

Taste aside, I thought the cake so sunny and happy, no?


  1. Yes, indeed, it's a sunny & happy cake! I don find it garish at all. In fact it looks amazing & fresh with those oranges !! And of course those darling flowers are soo lovely! :)

  2. thanks Cali :-) yeah i am feeeeeling it too :-) enjoyed every bit of it. this weekend, thinking of baking another colourful cake ... spring is here!


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