Saturday, 24 March 2012

Jamon Serrano, Queso Machego for Friday Night

I truly emphathize with friends whom have to cook because they have a family to feed.  Having children, whether one likes it or not means their life or daily choices are more restrictive.  We love children very much, and we plan to have one but when it comes to weekend, it is nice having a break instead of slaving at the stove.

Yesterday evening was a big nibble evening for us.  They are just a lovely as warm, hot food in the tummy when the produce are of good quality.

Many months ago, we literarily scouted Barcelona´s supermarket isle for a piece of Machego to bring back home.  None was found.  Strange I know, since Machego is a well known spanish cheese.  A month ago, we finally found them in Spain, but in an island where the locals were possible outnumbered by Germans and Brits.  It is questionable again, I know.  So yes, I satisfied my curiosity on tasting my first Queso Machego, at last.  Paula, my Chilen friend from England was right.  It is a great cheese and I can see why it is popular.  Not many sheep´s cheese tickles my tastebud but Machego, being mild and yet buttery is well balanced enough. 

One of my favourite way to eat Jamon is with pieces of very good Cantalope melon.  Sweet, salty with freshness of the fruit cutting through ... I find this being one of the easiest and tastiest way to enjoy a jamon. 

Big spanish strawberries are rounding the supermarket isle right now. The weather in Spain must have been lovely already or these are grown in greenhouses? I am not sure, but they surely are early.  Tastewise, not quite sweet and juicy as how I like them therefor, I do have a lot of leftovers which I think I already have the most perfect solution for them.

The weather is gorgeous today so I guess it is high time I spent them outdoor with something red on my plate later.  I promise to take a photo yeah :-) Have a nice weekend everyone!

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