Friday, 23 March 2012

Going David Austin ...

I have been assigned by my mother-in-law to replace her dead Leonardo Da Vincci rose plant.  Leonardo Da Vincci rose are gorgeous, the full petal type like what you see here but I was given a Maria Theresa by DH Hamburg last Autumn so I thought I´d get another colour other than the pink which LDV is famous for.  If you follow my blog, you´d recall me buying a few rose plants last year.  I bought a Henri Matisse which I initially thought was a deep purple coloured ones but is actually a mixed colour (purple and white).  I also added another rose collection call Palais Biron - an award winning after spotting them in my favourite Wohnen & Garten magazine.  You can see my blogpost by clicking here.

I have been watering like crazy.  They say roses need tender, love and care.  Lets say that my tenderness, love and care will be a real testimony of my character and it will be for all to see :-)

Back to my MIL´s request, I´d decided to go David Austin this time round as I´ve seen gorgeous collection from a dear friend in France.  Her roses are inspiration to say the least, and I simply could not resist testing her recommendations out.  This time around, I am actually looking at roses of different shade.

Claire Austin, a huge variety which I love.

Emanual, with a tinge of yellow in the middle.  I am not very certain of this one here actually.  Mainly because I´ve read The Language of Flower and yellow rose means jealousy, dislike, discomfort ... so, not sure I want to give this to MIL whom I adore very much.

A classic red coloured rose but ala David Austin´s new rose species.  This one´s called Lady Breithwaite.  Simply gorgeous, what you think?

This is actually one of my favourite and its Lady Hamilton.  The peachy pinkish colour with its thick, bud like shape is something I adore instead of those roses which opens up entirely.  The petals look strong in photos but as one says, one can never tell.

Last but not least is the Shropshire Lad.  What a name. Its lovely, also another of my favourite but I get to only choose one (I think) unless I uproot my three Day Lilies away to make space for more roses!

Arggggg ... decisions decisions decisions!

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