Tuesday, 27 March 2012

David Austin´s Queen of Sweden Now???

Ich  bin ferruckt! I exclaimed to hubby last night around 12 midnight. I have been researching on David Austin roses online for the past 2 days since hubby gave the `green`light to place rose pots on our balcony.  I think he came around to the idea that going to our garden downstairs just to enjoy a peak is sometimes too troublesome. I have no complain with his sudden change of mind, haha.

So what did I chose?  I tell you, we women are so fickle minded. Our mind changes as fast as the daily weather here.  I was so smitten with Princess Alexandre of Kent just on my last blog entry and here I am, purchasing another one - Queen Of Sweden.

But see the photos, and you will understand.

Actually my criteria for this David Austin rose is very simple.  It has to be right for a pot, love the sun and the petals does not open up to ajar (which I saw a few of my previous favourite does on some youtube video hence I changed my mind).

This purchase is not cheap but it will come with the classic David Austin Green and Gold Container :-)

Seven work days to deliver, so stay tune!

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  1. How is beauty doing in your pot now after a year? :) I'm doing rose shopping for the first time.


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