Friday, 3 February 2012

Back on KL soil ...

A few things bothered me this trip.  Crime rate is getting higher it seems.  I have not personally experienced them but driving around housing area and seeing all these beautiful houses being gated up lately is a testimony of fear and safety precaution everyone here is taking right now.  I live around Sunway Damansara and Damansara Perdana area.  It use to be medium end housing but had since moved upwards due to the development that had or is taking place.  Needless to say, my friends whom were born and bred here has since invested in their homes around this area too.  Seeing a guardhouse and surrendering your IC for verification before entering to visit your friend is a norm.  But honestly, a lot of them are not doing their job.  They sometimes would just allow me to enter without any proper verification.  Could it be due to me being a female?  That I am powerless and I don't look any inch a thug or robber?  How can one judge a book by its cover right?  This is the problem. - just do the job damn it, everyone should be treated equal.  No two ways about it.  Just two days ago, I witness a car bully right infront of where I stationed.  The driver infront of me honked the car infront of him seeing he did not moved an inch when the traffic light turned green.  And you know what the front driver did? He actually came down with his water bottle, loosen it infront of the car behind and proceeded to splash it towards his car?!!! I was like WTF! Its only a honk man .... its not illegal so why so upset? Whenever I am on the road, I feel as thought everyone is having a timebomb on their sleeve and it would explode any second whenever its being ticked off.  Yes I know I am exagerrating here but seriously, this is how I feel when I am driving outside now.  Just a week ago, my sis reminded me to use a gentle horn upon seeing someone cutting into my lane.  My horn was normal but she said it is a no-no.  It can lead to arguments if I am not careful as we never know what lousy mood the driver is having then.  She also reminded me not to place my handbag on drivers seat when I am out with the car.  It was not this bad when I leaved in 2008, as I still remember being able to enjoy the space inside the car but now - its no longer the case!  My sister told me, life in Malaysia has been very stressful.  Inflation is REAL here and everyone is trying to make ends meet.  A lot of illegals is in the country and the easiest way for them to feed themselves is robbing.  But where are the enforcement officers?  Back to inflation, I was told, it is not normal to see mothers staying home to care for their kids and family with only the father bringing in the income.  In Germany, its totally different story.  The government encourages couples to have babies by giving them lots of incentives. The mum whom use to work will have her job protected for many years too and the employee have to take her back after xxx amount of years away from the firm.  How is that?  This baby story aside, I do have a deep question thought ... something I don't get.  I was told by my masseur actually, in order to survive, a lot of locals here have side income.  But my masseur have this same burning question like I do.  If life is so stressful, why is there a need to chase after so many material goods?  Especially so when most of it is on credit?  I took one good look around after her highlighting this to me.  Everyone seems to be holding an iPhone, iPad, driving the latest car or carrying the latest handbag. Maybe its real, maybe its fake but seriously, is there a need?  I don't have any of those with me, no wonder I get mediocre service whenever I walk into retail shops but hehe, I love it even more.  Please don't come and bother me sales people, I like my peace and quiet when buying things.  BUT, back to my first observation on safety, how does everyone keep themselves safe while their carrots are all out and about?

p/s : I hope I am not offending anyone by saying it loud here. Just to be clear ... I am a Malaysian, I love my country and I am proud of my country (not the politicians thought) ...

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