Wednesday, 4 January 2012

What Germans love listening to when Partying ...

They love this singer by the name of DJ Bobo of Switzerland - whom looks pass his age but churning out songs which young party goer love ...

Or Tim Toupet from Germany but performs mainly in Ballerman area in Mallorca. An island in Spain but inofficially known as the 17th German state because German is spoken widely there.  Believe it or not, I love this song too, especially after a few DRINKS .. :-D

And of course the classic Einen Stern from DJ Ötzi of Austria ...

All these songs are cheesy I know but hey, when one has a few to drink, something catchy, funny and easy will do :-D

We were enjoying these songs over our television on New Years Eve at home.  This year´s we decided to skip our annual Silvester trip to Sauerland.  Its nice to stay home sometimes, especially this year when it did not snow at all and what´s a mountain visit during this time of the year with no snow.  We started the day by doing some shopping nearby then drop by McDonald for our last McDonald meal of the year, followed by snack preparation around 7pm.

I made satay! It was not as difficult to make as I initially thought! And the sauce too ... red curry paste mixed with peanut butter, who would have thought!

Store bought grilled chicken ...

Steamed some prawns and lobster claw ... had them with russian sauce.

Some salad which none of us touched :-D  Next to it were Fried Mozarella Balls, Mini Pizza and Mini Flammkuchen.

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