Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Top 10 Wishlist for 2012

My birthday is not that far away so I thought I´ll drop some hint (or guideline) here!  Fortunately, a lot of the item listed here are hub´s favourite too so I am very sure he would be glad to give them to me.  Men I tell you, has much much more expensive taste than women and take a guess which is his top priority here?  Fortunate for hubby, I am not into blink blink nor am I into branded shoes or handbags otherwise he WILL faint.

First on the list, wish do come true!  Because we will be ordering them soon on Amazon.  We both agree wholeheartedly this is something we need and its good for us so no excuses anymore!

We have been wanting to upgrade our camera eversince but had never got around getting an SLR because its just so chunky and heavy.  With the new range available in the market, it surely is timely now to go get one.  Hub likes the Sony ones while I am smitten with the Pen.  If you remember my list last year, it use to be G1 from Panasonic but after seeing the Pen, I have changed my mind.  They surely look good!

Íf there´s one thing I feel that is missing in my life right now, it is a statue of Goddess of Mercy. I am a buddhist by heart and it would bring me joy to put her on this special high side table in our livingroom.  I am searching for the right statue too but I am not rushing because I believe in finding the right one when time comes.

Hubby had been looking at some LED TVs lately.  Our 42inch Plasma is old, almost 10 years (I think) so we are thinking of upgrading.  Hubby loves Sony so, Sony it is for our wishlist. The upside is, it is not as expensive as we first thought.  1,299 Euro for a 52 inch is not bad at all vs the double amount he paid in the past for a 42 inch.

I never understood hubby´s hesitation whenever I mention we need to get this pot.  That was somewhere last Autumn when I spotted a Le Creuset Matte Black selling at a discount in London and I was so keen to bring them back.  Then I understood why.  He went to get himself a made in Austria Marmalade Copper Pot!  And it ain´t cheap!  Our kitchen is packed to the brim so much so he had to place the pot on top of our top kitchen cabinet.  He´s got his toy so its about time I get mine too!!!

Someone please sponsor me the complete set of Villeroy & Boch´s Urban Nature set! I think its just so important having at least a set that one love for any entertaining occassion coz it brings so much joy to it. While at it, I wish someone would magically make more space in our kitchen for it.

I am all for recycling and using alternative power sourse so this is way to cute to let it pass.  Solar powered Handphone or Pad charger in a form of a tree.  How cool is that?!

Some woman are into Chanel, some are into Birkin and some into Miu Miu but I am into Cambridge Satchel tote.  The cool factor is just irresistable!  The other brand I am currently into is Desigual ... loveee them too!

IRobot is so irresistable.  They should bring the price down so that its justifiable for housewives like me.
This is probably not new but I am totally smitten with the idea of giving these Scent Sample to friends and family for any occassion. You sample all of them at your own pace and once you find the one you like, you can then exchange the token within with the actual size! How cool is that?!

For the record here, 3 out of 10 from last year´s wishlist got materialised! Thank you thank you, you know who you are! Lurveeee the Fatboy, Massage Mat and WMF Kult 68 piece cutlery set :-)

So what´s your wishlist?  Do share!!!


  1. Oh i totally agree w u on the Austria Marmalade Copper Pot!
    Haha maybe cos im a foodie!

  2. The Olympus PEN Camera was a present to myself for Christmas. It's amazing!! I strongly recommend it.

  3. Time for me to start up my own wishlist in blog and hope someone gets the hints n stop buying me perfume for special occasions =P

  4. I love your idea of posting your wish list! You don't get if you don't ask right :-)

  5. I also need a new camera. I also plan to start dancing lessons and Spanish classes.Another special present for me will be a pair of great shoes for sure and a knife set for the kitchen.


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