Monday, 9 January 2012

Mama Elsa´s Birthday Tomorrow ...

Her big day is tomorrow so in anticipation of that, we travelled all the way across the border to get her some stuff.  Not that Germany does not have these but rather, Enschede is just a mere 20km away and we wanted to pick up a range of porcelain/fine china ware originating from England which a lot of places does not carry anymore.  We finally settle for a lovely serving platter from PortMerion and decided to also add in a coffee hamper from Douwe Egbert which was located right at the centre.  Holland is fame for its flowers so what better gift to give mother if not flowers.  We hope she likes the selection I chose.

We also got hold of a bottle of Piper Heidseck from a local supermarket here for tomorrow night´s dinner in a local restaurant.  Its her favourite brand of champagne so we know she will loveeee this.  Can´t wait for tomorrow to surprise her with theseeee!!!

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