Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Making Weissglühwein

I was told that the standard Glühwein sold in most Christmas market comes ready in huge cartons from manufacturers.  The Glühwein vendor would adjust the recipe a bit by adding their secret spices from this base or simple using a specific cooking process .  I love Glühwein and its one of those drinks I would never fail to drink whenever Christmas is around the corner.  I usually have them plain or with Ameretto.  But that was before I had my first sip of Glühwein made from white wine.  And thats it! I found my new love.  The thing about Weissglühwein is, it is not easy available in the Christmas Market as the vendor has to cook them from scratch versus buying the ready made cartoon from supplier to be reheated.  But since its not an entirely difficult thing to make at home, I decided to give it a try.  Fairly easy.  Rule number one is, do not boil the wine.  Always keep them in light simmer temperature when making it.  After that, it is entirely up to you to adjust and add in the spices you want.  After pouring a bottle of white wine into the pot, I added in sugar, raisins, slices of clementine, apples, cinnamon stick, star anise, cardamon and clove.  Some calls for the recipe to be diluted with a cup or two of standard hot tea.  I think I will give that a try next.


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