Friday, 23 December 2011

Lets enjoy Michael Bublé - Grown Up Christmas List

As I am typing this, my first aunt (my dad´s elder sister) back in Malaysia is battling with Lung Cancer.  Doctor gave her 4 months to live after she got diagnose and that was back in June.  Right now, she is not able to speak anymore.  My FIL´s only sister Tante Anna called us few days ago.  One of  her son (she has two) was admitted to hospital and got escalated immediately within the same day to Münster Hospital.  He is 35 years old, not married and is diagnosed with Leukemia just last Monday and at the same time, had a blood clog in his brain.  The specialist performed the brain surgery on Tuesday morning at 5am.  They said, if he wait any longer, he will not make it.  His chemotheraphy is suppose to start  right after the brain surgery.  The surgery went well but the after effect was unforseen.  Pressure kept on appearing in his brain and what the specialist can do reactively is to remove the pressure whenever it appears.  Nothing more can be done.  To make matters worst, the blood cancer (Leukemia) is all over his body including his bones.  We are all praying for him dearly.  He and my aunt needs miracle ...

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