Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lebkuchen (Gingerbread House)

I am trying not to bake that much this year after last year´s experience.  More so when Chinese New Year falls on 23rd January and there would be a lot of eating going on again.  Last year too, we unexpectedly received a lot of cookies as gifts.  Hubby reminded me again and again, try not to bake more than 2 assorted trays so as to minimize wastages.  Its a busy day in the kitchen yesterday and today.  While I got the lebkuchen baked yesterday, it was only today that I finally sat down to icing them.  Nothing too fancy and complicated, but a readily available icing pen from Dr. Oetker will do.  I made 3 batches, the first being the best but I ate 3 pieces from the 6 houses so I decided to make another batch. Second batch however got a bit burned because instead of taking the dough out from the form to be baked, the cookie dough stayed within.  It must have gotten too hot I reckon.  The third batch thankfully turned out well and its the one I am holding here.  Later, I moved on to making a cookie premix to be given away to a friend who will be stopping over tomorrow morning. She´s making me a bottle of Eier Liquor or Egg Nog as how its known in England.  Her Eierliquor rocks! Its soo good and its nothing compared to the bottled, branded ones we get at the store but the thing about her recipe is, you need a 1,300 Euro machine call Thermomix to make it.  The most expensive kitchen machine we have in our kitchen in Kitchen Aid and sadly, there is limitation to it too.  So being her generous self as usual, she offered to make me a bottle and will drop it off my place tomorrow. As a thank you, I thought cowgirl cookie premix is nice. 

Will show you a photo of it when its here :-) Stay tune!

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