Monday, 5 December 2011

How to Draw Names for Christmas Gift Exchange ...

Today, I would like to share you a pretty brilliant idea on how to draw names offline and online for your next gift exchange activity.  Gift exchanging is of course common as festive season is around the corner.  It is something my stammtisch group does every year but I personally felt this year´s organiser did a brilliant job getting the preparation work done.

First, allow me to explain that this method works in a reasonable size group not exceeding 10?  Beyond that would prove to be hardwork for the chair person to get getting the materials and such done.  So here´s what my stammtisch member did. 

Since we are an 8 member group, she prepared 8 uniformed packaged box for us.  To make it festive, she chose one with Christmas print on it, added a simple greetings message and a ribbon to hold them together.

We then each picked a box.  A name has already been allocated inside the box (seen here, its written on a star cut out but her name is blocked) so what we need to do is to ensure its not our own name we picked up. 

Fill up the goodies according to the amount/rules that had been agreed by your group/colleagues etc. And thats about it! Easy isn´t it?  If finding these ready made boxes is near to impossible where you live, I reckon a bit of creativity will not harm.  Templates of box making can be found abundantly online and all you need to do is decorate them as you wish.  A lot of work I know, which comes back to what I earlier mentioned - only for small groups.

If there is an upcoming gathering whom you want to exchange gift with but are unable to meet up prior, there´s an online method you can adopt.  Draw Names is a popular online generator which we are currently using.  Get the email addresses ready, sent them out with rules stipulated and voila! The system will shoot you the assigned name on the date you wish and the rest is history.  Very friendly site to use and so far, its proven to be very handy.

So happy drawing names to you all and have fun!!!


  1. I have not done the gift shopping yet, but indeed this is a very interesting idea for the packing, I think that I will use it this year! Merry Christmas everybody! :)

  2. I like the idea for gifts exchange for Christmas. We did it at school and it was really exciting. Reminds me the good old times. :)


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