Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Tree Ornaments aside, our Forest Theme Christmas Decor is UP!

My husband has been a procrastinator lately.  It was only two nights ago when he finally brought our Christmas ornament box down from our attic.  I quickly got the tree assembled, the other decorative ornaments arranged and a gentle cleaning session here and there around the house.  We will probably wait till Nikolaus which is coming Monday to complete the rest of the task.  I always look forward to putting up the christmas balls and setting up the Icicle lights outside our windows so waiting for the right time to do it is worth it.

Forest theme is something I have been eyeing on since I saw them in Depot store last Christmas.  I find this theme pretty versatile to do as I not only have lots of store options to buy the bits and pieces from, I also have the choice of re-using our old ornament pieces.  If all else fails, there is always the nature outside to give one some inspiration and its free.  Twigs and branches, fern cones and leaves, berries, stones and whatever you can find outside.  But with the exception you can´t get any substitute for animal figurines. 

This year, I decided to go along winter wonderland colour scheme again, just to jive in with our livingroom interior a bit. I bought quite a few new items this year - which I should not BUT its just so hard to resist clicking on the order when the voucher I got from groupon cost only a small fraction of the original price.  I am a sucker liddat, which I wonder if its a good or bad thing at times.  Believe it or not, my head was already filled with images on how to spike up this look with some burgundy shades next Christmas!  Oh yes, that would be nice.  But as of now, I am happy with the whitewash gingerbread house, the grey owl, whitewash deer, grey horse and whitewash/silver fern trees to give our place a nice Christmacy feel. 

There is one corner filled with colour though and its the kitchen,  The area is spiced with RED and its kinda nice to escape to this corner from time to time.

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