Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Celebrating Nikolaus

Santa Claus is a myth figure that got more famous and commercialise than the humble bischop St. Nikolaus whom goes around giving to the poor and needy during Christmas. Before moving here, I did not even knew he existed.  It is great that some countries still honour him on 6th December every year.  Unlike Santa Claus culture where kids get to receive from adults, my MIL told me its okay for any parents to extend their love to their children irregardless of their age.  To her, we are still her baby she said :-)

Wanna see what we got from her this year?  It came complete with an original sack used traditionally here and I thought, wow ... how authentic can that get :-)

My MIL it seems had also signed up for Dr. Oetker´s Club membership and had filled up the sack with his goodies!  It came with 3 assorted size Dr. Oetker´s Backen range tin and in it were ...

Assorted sachets containing baking powder, yeast, powdered gelatine, vanilla sugar, cream stiffener and such ... what a lovely gift just before the baking season starts :-)

Lebkuchen and chocolates were inevitable every year :-) of which BTW, I am going to attempt baking Lebkuchen this week and I can´t wait to share you THIS GORGEOUS lebkuchen form I just bought from Strauss Innovation.

The largest tin were stuffed to the brim, so much so she had to use a gummi band (big rubber band) to hold them together! (that is my MIL .. we had a good laugh about it because she is cute and ungerman that way).  There´s lots going on in this tin.  A box of cake mix, a few assorted cake pudding and jelly mixture, chocolate icing and a colourful muffin papercup.  How well thought out gift isn´t it?

I guess the time is right and I have to get back into baking action again.  Happy Nikolaus!

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  1. So much goodies from the "Nikolaus" -such a thoughtful and nice gifts.Anyways you have got more muffins form now :P


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