Wednesday, 28 December 2011

2nd day of Christmas

Over coffee time on 2nd day of Christmas, we experienced our first cracker session.  ´Shape your future before other shape yours` was the message in my cracker.  Our second family christmas time was more complete with Dirk and Carola around.  MIL and hubby was a bit down that day but it they tried their best to bring in the festivity mood.  Dirk and Carola were chirpy so I suspected they have not gotten the news yet.  We spent a bit of time opening our presents - thanks Dirk and Carola for the gorgeous Auerhahn Salad Bowl set and HOME grill set in a nice metal case.  Thank you Mama and Papa for the sensational 68 pc WMF Kult range cutlery set, and also the cash.  Thank you hubby for the wonderful Diana Krall and Ella Fitzgerald CD plus a Beurer Massage Matt.  All of them found their way to pamper me on this special occassion ... thank you so much.

It is wonderful to be showered with wonderful gift which we all had prepared in advance but, this year´s Christmas I felt was made even more meaningful with the presence of all.  My aunt passed away on Christmas Day and Frank, hubby´s cousin passed away on the second day of Christmas.

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  1. My deepest condolences, L ... You deserve all the pampering espesh this year.

    HAPP(ier) NEW YEAR yah!!!


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