Sunday, 13 November 2011

Rotkappchen, Lambruscos, Bordeux and European Fingerfood Stammtisch Evening

Once a year, the group I belong too (Stammtisch) would hold a yearly meeting to discuss what we plan to do next year.  It was held at our place last Friday with a European Finger Food potluck theme.  Each of us were assigned a European country so that we get to try a few variety.

To kick off, and upmost important in any German parties/gathering ... lots and lots of drinks.  These were just part of it in addition to those in the chiller.  Sekt is inevitable.  The girls love Rotkappchen in either Mild, Rose or Halb Trocken so we stocked that up a bit just the night before.  Lambrusco is a lovely wine to pair with fingerfood too so I picked up a few bottles. 

Silvia was assigned Greece fingerfood so this was what she brought over.  Grilled tomatoes with goats cheese stuffing.  Love it!

Ilka volunteered to bring something from Italy so here´s to her version of Caprese and Grilled Mushroom in Balsamic Sauce. Another winning dish.

Arianne was keen to bring something Austrian.  I had the impression that Austrian food is similiar to German so I was kinda surprise fish was instore.  The Austrians apparently eats quite a bit of fish due to the amount of rivers flowing thru their country.  This is spinach pancake roll with salmon and cream within.  Seasoning was kept to minimum so one can taste the yummy smoke salmon within.  Nice.

Sandra whom is dating a guy from Holland now could not escape our request of bringing something Hollandish.  Bitterballen was her chosen fingerfood but too bad, I had to give this a skip since I can´t take beef.

Andrea was happy to settle for something spanish, and boy, did she vow us with her bacon wrap with dates and hazelnut within.  Addictive to the last bite, it is one of those fingerfood thats not just easy to prepare, its delicious too.  Love the saltiness, fattiness, sweetness and nuttiness of the whole combination ...

Three other dishes went missing in my camera and they are my Salmon Quiche, Tanja´s Chocolate Mousse and Silke´s Swedish Berry Dessert.  I manage to snap Sandra´s Hollandish dessert though ... 

After dinner, we were given a handmade package with info of our upcoming Christmas Trip!  Ilka and Sandra are both superb organiser so I am really looking forward to this getaway! We were also given a pre-prepared gift box each.  The box was already prefilled with one of our name and with that, this is who we´re buying our presents for.  Lovely idea eh.  Just have to make sure its not our own name inside the box.

Christmas is still many weeks away but preparing early is always good!


  1. What a great party with lots of yummy food :)

  2. Lianne, the spanish dish of bacon and dates, is it cooked in frying pan or oven? Looks like an interesting dish to try.

  3. the spinach pancake roll with salmon and cream sounds divine!
    How international. if i came, id bring maggie mee! hehe.. kidding:P

  4. Susan - food looks great ! The bacon and dates dish is it easy to prepare ? i might want to try

  5. what a great group...the eating club

  6. thanks Cali but i will exchange them for your cake anytime!

  7. Taste was good Kat, can give it a try and looks fairly easy thing to do ...

  8. Ciki, you will be my VVIP guest if you bring Maggi Mee ..!

  9. Not so diff .. just stuff the almond inside dates, then wrap bacon around it ...

  10. actually its more like drinking club, the eating part comes only 1^time a year la Bree :-)


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