Saturday, 5 November 2011

Project Study Room

November is the month where a lot of Germans do up their home in preparation of festive season next month.  You can see every tom, dick and harry scrubbing their porch or lawn, cleaning windows (it has been a wonderful autumn with little rain btw), changing their summer plants to winter ones, drills going on here and there, machinaries and equipment in action and naturally, the pick up vans from East Europe is here again to pick up whatever you wanna throw out.  We were at Ikea couple of days ago with no intention to buy anything.  Hah! Since when one comes out empty handed from Ikea?  So here I am typing from our new study room set. We got ourselfs 3 sets of racking system and 2 study tables.  There´s a lot to be done still but I reckon we have all the time to do it up till December.

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