Sunday, 20 November 2011

French Soft Cheeses & Prosciutto Platter Breakfast ...

Hub was away for work since two Saturdays ago and finally came home last night after what felt like ages.  Unlike the previous times where it felt even longer, I got myself into a routine fairly quickly and got down to settling a few outstanding issues such as getting my resident permit renewed, changing my driving school (to resit for my practical exam again) and also got myself a new hairstyle! I also painted while he was gone.  In the evening around 5pm, I religiously poured myself a glass of red wine while being surrounded by scented candles all over the house.  With some light music playing at the background, it surely is theuraphatic and a good way to pamper onself when my man is not around. 

Hubby woke up to the smell of omelette slowly being cooked with slices of french cheese smacked within this morning.  Coffee as usual does what it does best - releasing its wake me up aroma which soon got hubby up to his feet again. Poor him.  He had been working non-stop for the past 13 days.  So this evening, I did what I felt was best ... pamper him with his favourite dinner meal followed by letting him have the TV controller to channel hop.  He likes to unwind like that and I am perfectly fine with it as long as my man gets to recharge.


  1. lianne,

    that was a really nice breakfast make me so hungry because i'm dieting now!!

    how long have you been in germany already? i got my permanent residence on the 4th year. after that no need to renew anymore.

    wish you all the best for the exam!

  2. thanks Mae and what coincidence, I am dieting too! hehe, must be the upcoming festive season huh .. but hub is back la so gotta enjoy a bit with him la :-D

    next august will be my 4th year. I hope they would give me permanent PR as what they told hubby the last time it got renewed BUT its also okay if its not la. They are pretty efficient and fast in processing, furthermore not so expensive some more .. so its okay la ...

  3. it looks hard to make for me because I dont cook just set the tables but it looks life and so lovely ...and super that it wouldnt matter what table looks like


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